Fourth of July family picnic.For many Americans, summer wouldn’t be complete without 4th of July festivities. Picnics, barbecues, getting together with family and friends, and of course the ubiquitous fireworks displays are all beloved ways of celebrating this uniquely American holiday.

Whether you are staying home to enjoy the festivities with your loved ones, or headed out to view a public fireworks display, keeping your pets safe and comfortable should be high on your list of priorities. Check out our 4th of July pet safety tips to keep your furry friends healthy and stress-free this summer.

4th Of July Pet Safety Tips

  • Keep pets home – The safest place for your pet during a fireworks display is at home. The crowds and confusion of a public fireworks show can overwhelm even the most docile or social pet.
  • Leave the people food to the people – It’s tempting to slip your pet a few delicious scraps at a backyard barbeque, but filling your furry friend full of charred bits of fat and other delights can cause some serious intestinal upset. Maintain your pet’s normal diet during the 4th of July celebrations, and make sure your guests aren’t sneaking treats to your pet either.
  • ID’s please – Because there is often commotion on and around the 4th of July, pets can sometimes escape their protective surroundings. Make sure your pet is wearing a properly fitting collar with ID tags, and that his or her microchip has been registered and is updated.
  • No drinks for pets – Alcohol is highly toxic to pets. Keep all alcoholic beverages well out of your pet’s reach, and make sure his or her water bowl is filled at all times to keep thirst at bay.
  • Speaking of toxic – Common 4th of July items such as sparklers, glow sticks, lighters and lighter fluid, insect repellent, sunscreen, and citronella candles should be placed where pets can’t get at them, as all are pet poisons.
  • The heat is on – Practicing good heat safety for your pets is critical during the 4th of July weekend, which is often scorching hot in our neck of the woods. Provide your pet with plenty of shade and cool water, and keep him or her indoors during the hottest part of the day. Exercise your pet early in the morning to avoid the heat, and to help keep him or her calmer for the rest of the day.
  • Provide a noise sanctuary – Very anxious pets may need special accommodations during a fireworks event. If possible, set your pet up in a safe, quiet room, filled with his or her bedding, toys, water, and food. Use the TV, radio, or fan to help muffle the sounds outside. Stay near your pet to provide verbal and touch based reassurance.

Your friends at BeeVet want you and your pet to have a safe and happy 4th of July. If you are struggling to help your pet with his or her noise related anxiety, please give us a call.