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May's Pet of the Month is...... Dixie!

Dixie Caroline is a 2.5 year old Chiweenie from Austin, Texas. She enjoys freshly cooked chicken and eggs, and is not a fan of balloons, bananas, or thunderstorms. When she's not busy honing her dachshund digging skills, she likes to impress her human admirers with her "high fives." A true mama's girl, Dixie loves to spend time snuggling at home.

We absolutely adore you, Dixie Caroline! :)


""March's Pet of the Month is..... TJ!!!

TJ is 11 years old, but the youngest soul in the house; he is always ready to play. He cuddles with his four cat siblings like he is their protector, and is always watching over Jade, his 14 year old heeler sister. He is pretty much everyone's big brother, but the most special thing about TJ is his love. He has the most unwavering, unconditional, always by your side kinda love. TJ has a heart of gold, and he shows it constantly!

Man's best friend; not here. In TJ's house, he is everyone's best friend, and the best cuddle bug anyone could ask for!! ♡

Pouncy & Cooper

February's Pets of the Month are ... Pouncy & Cooper! 

Sir Pounce, aka Pouncy, was found as an abandoned stray outside as a young kitten, and nearly starved to death. Pouncy was supposed to live with the family’s daughter, who is in law school, but when she brought him home for a visit, Pouncy and the family dog, Penny, fell in love - they are completely inseparable! They run around the houseplaying every day and even snuggle together at night. When Pouncy left to go back to law school, both he and Penny were so sad that he was brought back to live with the rest of the family. While Pouncy and Penny are two peas in a pod, their humans decided a more accurate name for Pouncy should have been Dennis… as in Dennis the Menace. Since he had been a stray when he was found, he lacked inside kitty manners but made up for it by showing his love and appreciation to his family. He loves to be petted and has the loudest purrs! Pouncy likes to jump on the other cats, the counters, knock over water cups, and basically considers everything in the house his play toy. Additionally, he really enjoys getting his canine sister in on his mischief. If he finds and open drawer with little things in it, he will pitch them down to Penny so she can take off with their new found treasures. All whilst Cooper is working overtime with him to improve his manners and trying her best to teach him how to stay out of trouble. Pouncy's mom says that he is beyond thrilled to have won Pet of the Month and is strutting around the house like he has won the Superbowl - he is so proud that all his hard work on his manners has paid off!

Cooper is the sweetest ragdoll girl. She is four and half years old and is a dream cat; so loving and sweet. Unlike other cats, she loves to take baths! When she was a kitten, she would jump in the bath and try to swim. She was never told that she was a terrible swimmer, so her family had to rescue her every time she made the jump. In her mind, she is the Michael Phelps of swimming! Now that she is a little older and more refined, she no longer tries to swim but will sit on the edge of the bath for good company and expects water to be splashed on the side of the tub so she can play in it. Cooper’s mom said, “If she thinks we have gone too many days without taking a bath, she encourages us not to take showers by sitting on the side of the tub and crying until someone caves into her demands and takes a bath with her.” Cooper’s favorite day is laundry day and she will even try to jump into the dryer at times when nobody is looking. However, sleeping on warm folded clothes is always a good second option! Cooper’s main treat is canned food which she earns a few times a week. She is on Sir Pounce duty everyday trying to teach him manners. While this is sometimes very tiring, it is nothing that a long nap by the fire cannot fix. Cooper’s favorite days are when she hits the trifecta- a bath, warm laundry and canned food all on the same day!

Cooper & Pouncy's mom adds, “Dr. Chow has been amazing along with everyone else at BeeVet taking care of Sir Pounce, Cooper and the rest of our crazy large animal zoo.”

We love you, McComb Zoo!!

The Ashlock Pack!

January's Pack of the Month is... The Ashlock Pack!

January is here, and we are starting our year off BIG and a little different - this time with our new "Pack of the Month"!

January's Pack of the month goes to.. the Ashlock Pack!

This pack is such a fun crew to have around and is made up of Little Bit the Shih Tzu, Troop the Pit Bull, Annie the Australian Shepherd, Mow the Cat, Pumbaa the Pig, Junior & Cupcake the bearded dragons, Turbo the tortoise, Yakko & Wakko the silkies, Yoki & Frau Blucher the chickens, Moose the ferret, Jinx, and Pinky & The Brain the Sugar Gliders!

Wow! This is a pack that never stops growing, and we couldn't be happier to provide top-notch health care to every one of them! Their Pack Leader, Emily, has had animals follow her throughout her life, and was always the young girl with 10 animals in her room! As she grew older, she made a conscious effort to rescue fur-babies from unfortunate situations. Each animal of the pack have a very unique past, and now that they've found their forever home - they are all happy as can be!

Thank you Emily, for adopting all of these sweet fur/scale/feather babies and giving them the best life they could ever dream of!