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September 2023 - Bagel and Stormi

In Bagel’s words:

Although we aren’t litter mates, Stormi and I have been together since we arrived at our forever home this past April.  I’m a month older than her!  Does that make me her BIG brother, Bagel (BBB)!

I’m learning to jump and play in the water in my “cool off” pool!

I get car sick!

My favorite treat is dehydrated sweet potato. YUM !

I love to take morning walks and go “exploring” with my girl pal, Stormi.


In Stormi’s words:

Bagel may be bigger than me, but I can hold my own during our daily wrestling matches!  I don’t keep score, but I feel I’m ahead!

Bagels been my BFF since day one!

I love a good bath, but am nervous about jumping in the “cool off” pool.  Bagel is teaching me how to be brave in that regard.

I love chasing ground squirrels.  I’m fast!

My favorite treat is raw snap peas!  Mom sneaks me an extra one every now and then…

I love to snuggle and take afternoon naps with my buddy Bagel.