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Super Cute Pet

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January 2021 - Bebe and Bella

bebeandbella Meet Bebe and Bella! These two older gals have been visiting us at BEEVET since 2016! Every time we see them, they are so well behaved and get lots of love and attention from our staff. Here's what their mom has to say about them:

"Bebe is 14 years old and has a heart of gold. She enjoys browsing Amazon for the latest fashionable cardigans and eating her dinner at precisely 4:56 pm. She spends her days lounging on her cushy bed with the heating pad on medium heat (don’t even think about putting it on low heat because she will know, and she will call you on it).

Bella is 11 years young and is as saucy as they come. She spends most of her days looking out the window waiting for deliveries and barking at other animals on TV. Over the summer, she gained G.O.A.T status when she single-pawedly scared a black bear off “her” porch in Colorado. She is very protective of her family, especially of her tiny humans, aged 8 and 4.

A perfect day for these two gals would be binging on leftover Chic Fil A that their tiny humans drop on the ground (not fans of their prescription urinary tract food...eww) and lay in patches of sunlight that come through the window.