So Your Pet Swallowed a Foreign Object

sad dog staring into the camera.

Sometimes a pet emergency is easily identified and quickly addressed. But when something is just “off” with a pet’s behavior, it can be downright puzzling to understand why. Owners may eventually acknowledge that a pet ingested something they shouldn’t have. Common ingested foreign bodies in dogs and cats include plastic toys, socks, string, and corks. Emergency veterinary care is vital, but preventing future injury is key. 


Top 4 Things to Know About a Pet Emergency

2 chihuahuas dogs needing pet emergency care.

None of us wants to think about the possibility of our sweet pets experiencing a medical emergency, but the reality is that most pets will go through one at some point. Understanding what constitutes a pet emergency, and how to respond appropriately, will give you a leg up on the situation.

4 Essential Things to Know About a Veterinary Emergency

Bringing emergency education and awareness to pet owners is a great start in keeping pets safe and healthy. Here are some of the important things you should know about preparing for a pet emergency.


What Is Xylitol and Can it Cause a Pet Poisoning?

A dog licking the peanut butter spoon

The fact that pets love treats works to our advantage most of the time. It sure comes in handy when we want them to do something, or if they’ve earned a reward. Unfortunately, the same powerful drive for food can also land a pet in some pretty hot water.

Take Xylitol, for example. Found in a variety of sugar-free candy, medications, oral hygiene products, and food, this artificial sweetener can cause a severe pet poisoning.


Say What? Sago Palms and Pets

A bright green plant
It’s Pet Poison Prevention Week, and what better time to talk about one of the foremost dangers for Texan pets:  the Sago palm.

This toxic plant is all too common in our neck of the woods, and pet owners need to be aware of its potential dangers. Learn all about Sago Palms and pets and how to keep your four legged family members safe.

Identifying the Sago Palm

In order to avoid something dangerous, you need to know how to spot it. Do you know what a Sago palm looks like?

Sagos naturally grow in our climate and may be found in natural landscapes in the area. They are also sometimes used as ornamental plants. These palm-like plants aren’t really palm trees at all, but rather a member of the cycad family. They also go by the name of Coontie Palms or Cardboard Palms. Continue…

Scanning the Scene: Signs of a Real Pet Emergency

Dogs and a cat sitting in the waiting room wearing casts and bandagesYou know your pet better than anyone, but sometimes it can be difficult to detect the subtle signs that he or she is suffering. What do you do when Fluffy just seems a bit “off?” Indeed, what qualifies as a real pet emergency?

While certain warning signs are anything but vague, some pet emergencies are only addressed as a result of an owner’s hyper-vigilance.

It’s OK to Call Any Time

At BEEVET Animal Hospital, we love our community of pets and animal lovers, and our team seeks to serve every patient who comes through our doors. Continue…