Holiday Getaway: Air Traveling With Pets

Dog in pet carrier at the airport.

If you’re planning to fly the friendly skies this holiday season with your cat or dog, our team has some helpful hints and recommendations to give you peace of mind and ensure the safety and wellbeing of your pet.


Pet-Friendly Holiday Fun in Austin

Pet-Friendly holiday fun in Austin abounds!

Even with our mild weather, winter can become a bit of a drag for people and pets alike. Sure, there are walks, hikes, and trips to the dog park, but even those can get boring after awhile. With the holidays approaching, it’s only natural to want to incorporate the fun of the season into your pet’s activities, but where to begin? Let the team at BEEVET help with some of our favorite pet-friendly Austin activities this time of year. Enjoy!

All of the Lights

Living in a pet-friendly city has its advantages and when it comes to finding unique opportunities for holiday bonding with your pet, we’ve got you covered. Check out these ideas for a memorable walk (or car ride) through one of Austin’s many beautifully lit neighborhood light displays:


New Year, New Pet Care Resolutions

A running dog mid-air with a stick in its mouthThere’s so much pressure to be the best. Luckily, pet owners can establish pet care resolutions for the new year that are actually attainable. We’re not talking about huge, life-changing goals. Instead, it’s the little things we can all commit to in order to provide the safest, healthiest lifestyles for our four-legged best friends.


This Season’s Best Costume Ideas for Pets

costume ideas for petsMost of us think our pets – no matter if they’re furry, slinky, or feathered – are the most adorable animals out there. What’s even cuter? Your pet decked out in their very own Halloween costume!

These days, pet costume sales are beginning to rival costume sales for kids, with more creative and high quality outfits being offered to not only dogs and cats, but to our exotic animal companions as well. From geckos to guinea pigs, you can be sure your unusual pet also has their fair share of costumes from which to choose.

Since there are so many amazing options, your friends at BEEVET have listed a few of our favorite costume ideas for pets. Check them out!


Holiday Considerations: Giving a Pet to Someone You Care About

A kitten playing with a Christmas ornament

It’s natural to want to share the meaningful gift of pet ownership with someone you care about. However, giving a pet as a gift must be carefully considered. To be sure, the idea of a sweet animal being adopted at Christmas conjures up all sorts of good feelings. However, this particular gift demands time, attention, and money – three things the recipient of your kindness and generosity must be able to provide.

Better to Wait?

While any time of year is great for bringing four little paws home, it’s not without certain inherent challenges. Some experts agree that because the holidays can be so chaotic, it’s better to wait until the new year to adopt. That way, all the needs of a newly adopted pet can be fully addressed and met. Continue…