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Your pet’s health and safety are important to us, and we understand the anxiety of being separated from your pet. That’s why BEEVET Animal Hospital offers microchipping services and an on-collar GPS tracking device for your pet. They can be used individually or together for a complete package of benefits.

Pet Microchipping

BEEVET Animal Hospital offers a pet microchipping service for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Microchipping is a safe, permanent identification method that can assist in the recovery of lost or stolen pets. We recommend microchipping your dog or cat at the same time as his or her spay or neuter procedure. This service can also be performed during a wellness visit.

HomeAgain National Pet Registry Database

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Your pet’s microchip is registered with the HomeAgain National Pet Registry Database. This database is used by animal shelters and veterinarians to look up the contact details associated with your pet’s microchip. Other microchips can also be registered through HomeAgain, providing one convenient location. For a fee, our staff also can register all of your pets. This service adds many additional benefits, including:

  • Lost pet specialist – A hotline allows you to speak with a lost pet specialist to assist you with your pet’s recovery.
  • Missing pet text message alert – This is sent to members in a 25-mile radius of your lost pet.
  • Travel assistance – A transport service is available for pets recovered 500 miles or more away from their owners.
  • Complimentary poison control consults

GPS Pet Tracking—TAGG™

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Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is an on-collar GPS tracking system for dogs and cats. This innovative pet locator tag has many useful features:

  • Attaches to your pet’s existing collar
  • Smartphone app offers a map view of your pet’s GPS location
  • Set a location zone and receive a text message if your pet leaves the area
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Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our veterinary team is available to answer your questions regarding our pet microchipping services and GPS tag options.