Troop 43114 at BEEVET

This past week, BEEVET Animal Hospital met with Girl Scout troop 43114 to help them achieve their Animal Helper Badge! To earn the Animal Helpers Badge, the Girl Scouts must explore the connection between humans and animals, find out how animals help keep people safe, know how animals help people emotionally, check out how animals help people with disabilities, and look at how animals might help us in the future. One of our spectacular veterinarians, Dr. Catherine Caprio, led the discussion and activities to explore these issues, with a little help from her dog, Zola, and our resident African Grey Parrot, Potter!

Our team is committed to serving our neighbors through learning events like this one with Troop 43114 because as a locally-owned, small business, we understand the importance of giving back to our community. If you are interested in one of our learning programs, please call our office at 512-263-9292, or shoot us an email at today!

Last Resort: Things to Consider Before Surrendering a Pet

Things to consider before surrendering a pet.

When you bring a pet into your home, you make a commitment to that animal to care for it for the duration of its life. Sometimes, though, circumstances change and render us unable to properly care for the pets we love. There are lots of things to consider before surrendering a pet, though, and BEEVet Animal Hospital is here to help you think of them all.