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BEEVET Animal Hospital provides quality healthcare and exceptional customer service by building and maintaining relationships using our core values of trust, respect, and communication. One of the many ways we maintain relationships is by giving back to the community through our Christina Ho Good Samaritan Fund and by providing complicated pro bono surgeries for our local animal shelters.


 Sam is a 9 year old Domestic Shorthair that arrived at Austin Pet's Alive! with a variety of  health issues. He was diagnosed with ringworm, skin allergies, polyps in his right ear, and  severe stomatitis. The team at APA! worked together to treat his ringworm and with the assistance of Dr. Allman and the team at Mobile Veterinary Specialist, they were able to remove all of the polyps from his ear. Although he was treated for most of his aliments, Sam was still suffering from stomatitis. Stomatitis is severe, painful inflammation of the mouth  and  gums. There is no single cause of feline stomatitis. Dental disease (particularly periodontal  disease) is commonly cited as a cause of stomatitis in cats. Periodontal disease  occurs  from the accumulation of plaque on and around the teeth, which causes inflammation    involving the gums and tooth support structures. Due to the severity of his condition, the team at APA! decided that the best plan for Sam would be the removal of all of his teeth.  This is a common treatment option, based on evidence which shows that if the teeth are removed, there  will be a significant decrease in plaque, thus curing the stomatitis. Austin Pets Alive contacted BEEVET to perform the surgery. The surgery, performed by Dr. Dustin Zimmer was smooth and without complication. Dr. Zimmer was able to safely remove all of Sam's teeth, and said, "Sam will be much more comfortable and pain free after having full mouth extractions. Most cats do really well without their teeth, and will enjoy a delicious lifelong diet of soft food!" Sam's foster and Austin Pets Alive! Cat Program Manager, Monica Frenden, said that Sam is recovering well!

"Thanks so much to Dr. Zimmer and everyone at the clinic for helping Sam and Austin Pets Alive! We really appreciate your support!"


Bear is 5 year old, 85 pound, loveable Great Pyrenees, who was in severe need of a hind leg amputation.  He spent most of his life as a herding dog on a farm, and was surrendered to the Austin Animal Center. 

His story is that he was bitten by a rattlesnake on his rear leg when he was just a puppy.  This caused his toes to die and fall off, causing a crippled and malformed club foot.  Even sadder, he was hit by a car multiple times, and his owners attempted to "euthanize" him by shooting him with a BB gun.  They were unsuccessful. Bear was transferred to Austin Pets Alive! where he finally got the care he needed. 

BEEVET Animal hospital performed Bear’s much needed leg amputation in addition to neutering him.  Due to the skill of Dr. Dustin Zimmer and the BEEVET staff, Bear is doing fantastically as a “tri-pod,” and is already getting prepared to go to his new home!  Bear is such a trooper, and we are so thrilled to be part of his happy ending!


Punch is the sweetest Shepard mix you’ll ever meet. Punch is a calm, laid back boy who enjoys attention, treats and toys with squeaky sounds. His foster described him as the gentlest dog she’s ever met!

As sweet as Punch is, he hasn’t always lived pain free. An old injury to his front leg caused him pain. Due to the great pro-bono work of BEEVET Animal Hospital. Punch was able to get the surgery he needed to enjoy his retirement years pain free.

After ten years of living in a home, Punch was surrendered by his owner because of this leg issue. Unsure of what originally caused his injury, Punch was examined by several vets including a specialist. They concluded that his leg lost range of motion and was painful due to a suspected trauma.

Fortunately, BEEVET Animal Hospital was able to perform the amputation surgery for Punch and he is now recovered and doing well in his foster home. His coat has thickened and grown in, he has gained weight and he is an all-around happy pup enjoying his senior years!