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Veterinary Externship Program

Sonal Patel

Sonal was born in West Texas, but eventually moved to Austin where she lived for 2 years before going to the Royal Veterinary College in London. She is a 3rd year vet student and she hope's to specialize when she graduate's. She has a great interest in exotics and plans to come back to Austin to practice!


Anna Marie Pratas

Anna Marie grew up in Lubbock, TX & got her degree in Biology at the University of Texas Austin. Anna Marie is about to start her 3rd year in vet school at TAMU and is hoping to work as a small animal practitioner afterward. She is especially fond of feline patients & hopes to work in the Austin area.

Vet for a Day

Vet for a Day provides an opportunity for children to spend the day in our clinic, and learn about veterinary medicine and observe surgeries, intake exams, and more!

Vet for a Day: Qadira (aka “Q”)

Qadira, age 9, wants to attend Stanford University to become a human heart surgeon!


Vet for a Day: Addison


Vet for a Day: Viviana


Vet for a Day: Ella





Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

We were so excited to support our local kid entrepreneurs! We will continue to support this amazing venture and hope to see an even bigger response in the future. Stay tuned!!