An angry cat sits at a table.

Cats. We love them even when they give us dirty looks, swat away our hands when we try to pet them, and yell at us when we sit down next to them. Although sometimes it might seem like they simply tolerate us instead of fully returning our affections, there are many things that actually do rub them the wrong way. BEEVET Animal Hospital is here with a list of things cats hate so you can try to minimize their grievances and (hopefully) increase their moments of love and happiness:

Things Cats Hate: Loud Noises

As creatures who spend anywhere from 12-20 hours of the day sleeping, cats relish any chance they get to relax, and loud noises disrupt their ideal sleeping conditions. Anything from car alarms to loud music can scare your cat and send them running for their favorite hiding spot. 

Things Cats Also Hate: Riding In Cars

Unlike their canine counterparts, most of our feline friends are not big fans of riding in cars. Many of them cry and scream inside their carriers for the duration of the ride, whether it’s down the street or across town. Pheromone spray or a calming collar can help minimize their stress during car rides, but try to avoid “shushing” them, which can sound like hissing.

Things Cats Really Hate: Dirty Litter Boxes

Cats have very sensitive senses of smell (in fact, they can smell about 14 times more than we can), so a litter box will become smelly to them much faster than it will to us. Clean the litter box each day or every other to keep it up to their feline standards and off the list of annoyances they face in their day.

Things Cats Strongly Dislike: Too Much…Or Too Little Attention

Cats have a very specific amount of attention they require, and while it differs from feline to feline, you might notice that your cat gets grumpy if you pet him too long or if you have not pet him enough. Pay attention to physical signals like tail flicking and folded back ears to see when they start to get agitated. If your cat comes over to you and headbutts your hand, it means she is ready to be pet and is expecting you to comply.

At BEEVET Animal Hospital, we love cats, even if they hate riding in the car to come visit us. Whether you have questions about their behavior or it’s time for a wellness visit, we are here for you. To learn more about our veterinary services for cats in Austin, visit us online or call (512) 263-9292.