Is a happy cat a healthy cat?Every cat is unique. As such, they deserve individualized care that’s tailored to their distinct lifestyle, personality, and potential. Looking at the whole patient, we see that the physical elements of a cat are paramount to longevity – but the emotional and mental health are just as important. In other words, a healthy cat is a happy one, and to celebrate Happy Cat Month this September, we’ve got some feline-centric tips for you.

The Foundation

A young kitten should be examined shortly after adoption. Most shelters will vaccinate, deworm, spay/neuter, and microchip, but we can ensure that a young cat is well on their way toward lifelong health in their first few months. Even indoor-only cats benefit from an up-to-date vaccination schedule.

Your cat’s yearly wellness examination consists of a nose-to-tail physical, and a lengthy discussion of:

  • Age-appropriate nutrition
  • Proper exercise
  • Dental care basics
  • Year-round parasite prevention
  • Behavior

We are honored to continue this “healthy cat conversation” with cat owners throughout the lives of their best friends.

The Aging Process

When we see cats once a year, we are more likely to prevent disease. The early detection of age-related illness becomes more important after the age of seven, when we recommend two yearly appointments. Spotting the development of issues can avoid costly treatments down the road. The needs of senior cats vary from younger ones, and we aim to provide you with all the right information.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Cat

One of the most important components of preventative care is maintaining good oral hygiene. Over 80% of all cats over the age of three have some stage of periodontal disease, but it’s entirely preventable. With regular brushing at home (there’s even tuna-flavored toothpaste!) and professional cleanings, your cat can beat the odds of suffering a systemic illness related to poor dental care.

Cultivate Friendships

Cats have a reputation for being solitary creatures. Although they are highly territorial, most cats enjoy cultivating strong bonds with other animals. Certainly, introducing a new pet to your resident must be done with patience and care, but if it’s done in a slow, supportive way, your cat can benefit from having a friend.

Play. Snuggle. Bond. Repeat.

A healthy cat is one that receives daily attention, affection, and opportunities to get a little crazy. Cats have a strong predator instinct, but they don’t get to use it all the time. Find the toys that trigger their skills and enjoy the time playing together. Not only good for the body, but play and exercise are great for the brain. Truly, one of the best ways to keep them going strong for many years to come, playtime never gets boring for cats.

Happy Cat, Happy Home

It is said that a home isn’t complete without a cat. We’d have to agree, but we also like to take it an extra step further. A healthy cat is definitely a happy one, and our veterinarians and team members at BEEVET are always here to help you establish lifelong wellness care.