A kitten playing with a Christmas ornament

It’s natural to want to share the meaningful gift of pet ownership with someone you care about. However, giving a pet as a gift must be carefully considered. To be sure, the idea of a sweet animal being adopted at Christmas conjures up all sorts of good feelings. However, this particular gift demands time, attention, and money – three things the recipient of your kindness and generosity must be able to provide.

Better to Wait?

While any time of year is great for bringing four little paws home, it’s not without certain inherent challenges. Some experts agree that because the holidays can be so chaotic, it’s better to wait until the new year to adopt. That way, all the needs of a newly adopted pet can be fully addressed and met.

While it’s definitely important to enter into a seasonal adoption cautiously, it doesn’t necessarily mean that giving a pet as a gift during the holidays can’t be exciting and rewarding. Bonus: with our special pet care packages for new clients, you won’t have to worry much about the cost.

Preparation and Planning

Giving a pet as a present may mean more when it’s done during the holiday season. Of course, you’ll want to ensure the animal is adopted into a secure, safe, and loving home. Consider the following:

  • Giving a pet to a young child? Please run it by their parent or guardian first. After all, they’re the ones who will be doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to care and financial costs.
  • Likewise, a young child may love the idea of having a cat or dog, but it’s vital they understand how to treat a pet. Children must also learn how to behave in the presence of an animal. There’s no doubt that kids learn respect and responsibility from pet care, but giving a pet to a family without specific rules in place can be dangerous.
  • If the recipient is a friend or adult family member, make sure this person truly wants a pet. They must have the time and financial wherewithal to provide a lifetime of care. Also, permission from housing authorities or roommates may be necessary.
  • Picking out a companion animal can be a deeply personal choice. Either give your recipient a choice or provide an adoption certificate so they can make a decision at their leisure.
  • Instead of making the decision for someone, offer to help your recipient with costs related to adoption, microchipping, bedding, toys, vaccinations, and parasite preventives.

When Giving a Pet…

Narrowing down the choices should help you when giving a pet as a present. Knowing if a person prefers an older animal to a younger one is helpful, as well as:

  • Species, breed, and gender
  • Age
  • Size
  • Potential lifespan
  • Temperament
  • Special care requirements (such as avian or exotics)
  • Training

While giving a pet as a present this holiday may seem like the perfect gift, it’s a lifelong commitment. Every pet requires (and deserves) full-time care and attention to wellness, which is why we insist on a free first exam with proof of your shelter pet adoption.

From the entire team at Bee Vet, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!