The Dog Ate My Homework! What to Know When Your Pet Ate Something Harmful

Bad dog sitting on the torn pieces of documentsSchool’s back in session, and while the old “dog ate your homework” excuse doesn’t apply as well to the world of tablets and clouds as it did in the past, that doesn’t mean Fido is sticking to dog food. Foreign bodies in pets are a common occurrence in the veterinary world and can have some very serious consequences. Do you know what you’d do if your pet ate something harmful?

When Dinner Isn’t Enough

Anything that doesn’t belong in the intestinal tract is considered a foreign body. Non-food objects can get stuck anywhere along the way, from the oral cavity to the esophagus, or even within the stomach or intestines. Some objects may simply be too large to pass through, while others cause abnormal motility of the digestive system. Continue…