Senior cat.

Imagine an animal that knows exactly who they are and what they’re capable of. They are comfortable in their own fur, don’t make unreasonable demands on your time or attention, and appear out of nowhere to give you lots of love. Sounds like a tall order? Not for senior cats! They are among the most loving and lovable pets around, and they all deserve homes. If you’ve wondered if now was the time to adopt a senior cat, we’ve got some facts for the tipping point.

Age Is Just a Number

When it comes to a senior cat’s personality, what you see is what you get. They aren’t developing into whoever they’re going to be. Instead, they’ve already gone through the numerous stages of growing and evolving and they’ve already arrived at their destination. 

While their patterns and proclivities might be firm, that doesn’t mean you can’t teach an older cat new skills. One of the best things about living with an older cat is that they know what they like (and, more importantly, when they like it), but they are still open to trying new things. This makes them both adaptable and adoptable!

No More Ya-Yas

Kittens are unquestionably charming, but they can be a little crazy from time to time. Younger cats may be more likely to scratch up the furniture, and it’s not unheard of for them to mark their territory inside the home. They also get the zoomies in the middle of the night, or try to escape the house.

Senior cats, on the other hand, enjoy a long night’s sleep. They still might benefit from a well-placed scratching post, but they are unlikely to submit to destructive behaviors. Older cats don’t commonly spray indoors. If they do, it could be a symptom of an age-related health condition that can be treated or supported. 

When you adopt a senior cat, they are likely to be microchipped, fully vaccinated, and up to date with their parasite prevention

Speaking of the Box

Senior cats come litter box trained. Of course, they can be highly discerning when it comes to their box’s shape and size, and you might also face some resistance until you get the exact type of litter they prefer. If you’re lucky, your senior cat may come to you with known preferences from their previous owner.

All On the Table

When you adopt a senior cat there could be health consequences related to their age. However, any possible illnesses are likely already known at the time of adoption. In other words, you go into the ownership agreement with all the available information and can make the right decisions going forward. 

What’s more, senior cats know when they’re being rescued out of the shelter. Their response is to return the favor with endless head butts, purrs, and snuggles

Adopt a Senior Cat, Feel the Love

With excellent care, senior cats can live to twenty and beyond! When you adopt a senior cat, you’re in for the most gratifying ride of all. What could be better than opening your home to a trained, developed cutie that’s fully equipped to make you happy?

If you have any questions about preparing to adopt a senior cat, we’re always here for you at BEEVET Animal Hospital. Give us a call at (512) 263-9292.