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Super Cute Pet

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BEEVET Animal Hospital offers grooming services for dogs and cats in Austin. Let us pamper your pet with our selection of grooming packages:

  • Spaw Day—bath and nail trim
  • Luxury Spaw Day—bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and anal gland expression
  • Lion cuts—shaves specifically for cats

Additional pet grooming services are available, including:

  • Bath and brush
  • Furmination (advanced shedding treatment)
  • Doggie Dye (add a pop of color to fur or hair)
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning
  • Tooth brushing
  • Nail trims (regular and Dremmel grinding)
  • Specialty baths (whitening/brightening, exfoliating, and medicated)

Grooming Appointments

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Our cat and dog grooming services are available by appointment. Upon request, we can coordinate your pet’s grooming service with other veterinary care needs, such as boarding, vaccinations, or teeth cleanings.

Grooming Fees

Grooming fees are based on the services you would like performed and the weight of your pet.

Spaw Day

Includes bath and nail trim

0-50 pounds:

50-100 pounds:

100-150 pounds:

150 pounds & above:





Luxury Spaw Day

Includes bath, nail trim, anal gland expression, tooth brushing, and ear cleaning

0-50 pounds:

50-100 pounds:

100-150 pounds:




Grooming Requirements

For the health and safety of all grooming clients, we require:

  • Pets should be free of internal and external parasites and have a current fecal exam on record.
  • Current vaccinations
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Please contact us to make your pet’s grooming appointment today. We look forward to spoiling your pet!