Cute cat oudoorsSo much goes into preparing for Halloween that it’s easy to forget the very real dangers facing our pets. Of course, many of our furry friends embrace all the festive chaos, but some don’t enjoy the unpredictable nature of the holiday. How do you know where to draw the line? Keep reading for helpful Halloween pet safety tips.

Highly Tuned

By now, your pet has probably sensed all the anticipation in your household and surrounding neighborhood. Whether they match your enthusiasm or not, it’s important to keep the following hazards in mind:

Costumes – Just because your pet endured a Halloween costume last year doesn’t mean he or she will allow it again. Start by slowly introducing your pet to the costume you hope he or she will wear. Have them try it around the house for several days leading up to the big event. Remember, the costume should not restrict movement, vision, or breathing and must be free of loose, dangling accessories and small parts.

Treats – Pets are notoriously opportunistic. Whether it’s the actual treat they’re after or just the wrapping, they could end up in a world of danger if you’re not careful. To avoid an emergency, keep all candy out of reach. Make sure wrappers are disposed of properly, and don’t allow your pet to ingest lollipop sticks or caramel apple sticks.

Decor – Jack-o’-lanterns are a mainstay of Halloween, but it’s best for them to remain outside, away from curious noses and wagging tails. Similarly, decorative lights and power cords should always be kept off the ground and out of reach.

Identification – Halloween is the spookiest night of the year but not because of all the ghosts and witches. Becoming separated from your pet is seriously scary, and lost pets aren’t always reunited with their owners. Therefore, make sure your pet’s ID tags are current and remain visible. For added safety, consider affixing reflective tape to his or her costume (due to their toxicity, never attach glow sticks or glow jewelry).

Soothing Alternatives

For the holiday-weary pet, set up a calming area in a room far away from the front door. Draw the shades, play soft music, and install comfy bedding. This will prevent your pet from becoming upset by the constantly ringing doorbell and also eliminates the possibility of escape.

If your pet just cannot get into the Halloween scene, don’t sweat it. Simply shut off your home’s exterior lights, pull the curtains, and settle in for a quiet night together.

Customized Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can be a wonderful time. Just be on the lookout for any behavioral changes indicating over-heating, dehydration, over-stimulation, stress, anxiety, or possible ingestion of candy or wrappers.

Please contact us with questions or for more tips about Halloween pet safety. From all of us at BEEVET Animal Hospital, we wish you and your pet a Happy (and safe) Halloween!