beevet veterinarian dr chow holding pet birds.

Birds of a feather may flock together, but do you know how to take care of a pet bird’s feathers? Proper care is essential for keeping your pet bird healthy and happy. The bird veterinarians at BEEVET Animal Hospital are here to help you with your pet bird, including sharing tips about feathers and how to care for them.

Why Do Birds Have Feathers?

We all know that birds have feathers, but do you know what they do? They play an important role in allowing birds to fly, but that’s not all. Feathers serve many functions that help keep birds safe, comfortable, and content. These include:

  • Flying: Birds have a variety of feathers covering their bodies, with each type serving a distinct purpose. Wing feathers are aerodynamic, which allows birds to fly swiftly and efficiently through the sky. Both wing and tail feathers work together to help birds stay balanced while they fly, with the tail feathers providing extra steering ability. 
  • Blending In: Feathers work as camouflage, which allows birds to blend into their surroundings and stay hidden from predators. Your pet bird may not have to worry about hiding from predators, but his feather color is still a beautiful reminder of his natural environment.  
  • Showing Off: On the other hand (or wing), some feathers are designed to help birds show off. Different species have different feather colors, textures, and lengths, signifying their unique traits that set them apart from other species. Feathers also serve as a form of communication, particularly when it comes time to look for a mate.  
  • Staying Warm and Dry: Feathers are also essential for keeping birds warm and dry. They provide insulation that prevents heat loss, allowing birds to stay warm and survive when dealing with cold weather. Feathers can also help repel water to keep birds dry. Some birds can produce an oily dust or a water-proofing oil on their feathers, meaning water drips right off and the birds stay dry.

How Do You Care for Your Pet Bird’s Feathers?

Regular visits to the bird veterinarian can help you properly care for your pet bird, including his feathers. But it’s also important to practice proper at-home feather care to keep your bird healthy and be able to spot any issues as soon as possible. These tips can help:

  • Be gentle when handling your bird. You should always be gentle when handling your pet bird. Provide proper support for his body without tugging on any of his feathers.
  • Feed your bird a balanced diet. Make sure your pet bird is getting the proper nutrients he needs to keep his feathers growing properly. Ask your bird veterinarian for suggestions.
  • Clean your bird’s cage regularly. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your bird’s cage so you can provide a safe and secure environment that does not pose any danger to his wings. 
  • Bathe your bird regularly. It is important to keep your bird’s feathers free of dirt and debris. Bathe your pet bird regularly to remove dirt and debris and carefully inspect his feathers for any signs of discoloration or damage.

Make sure your pet bird gets the care he deserves by visiting the friendly team at BEEVET Animal Hospital. You can learn more about our bird veterinarian services on our website or call us at (512) 263-9292 to schedule an appointment.