person holding dog paws.

When you’re a pet parent, nothing is harder than realizing it’s time to say goodbye to a beloved furry family member. We all wish our pets could live as long as we do. But we also value their comfort as the end of their life draws near. 

The team at BeeVet Animal Hospital has walked many pet parents through this difficult journey. Many of us have walked it with our own pets, too. Here are some things to consider as you prepare for the end of your pet’s life: 

End-of-Life Care for Dogs and Cats

When you find out that your pet has a terminal disease or debilitating disability, your furry friend can receive hospice care. This end-of-life care for cats and dogs is intended to make your pet’s remaining days as comfortable as possible. 

If you’re facing this situation, we want you to know that there can be more than one choice. Pet euthanasia is a humane, comfortable, and common choice for many pets. Giving a pet this peaceful death surrounded by loving family members is an act of great love. 

Other pet parents might gravitate toward hospice-supported natural death. In this choice, pets are given medication and care to make them comfortable until they naturally pass away. 

Neither choice is wrong, right, or easy to make. But in some cases, pet euthanasia is the only ethical and humane option. Pets should never have to suffer or be in pain. Your veterinarian will evaluate your pet and guide you through the choices that best fit your circumstance. 

Saying Goodbye with BeeVet Animal Hospital

If your pet has an incurable medical condition or disability that’s affecting her quality of life, bring her in to see our caring veterinary team at BeeVet Animal Hospital. We provide in-depth end-of-life care for pets and can help you make tough decisions about your pet’s final days. 
We offer both hospice care and pet euthanasia. You can learn more about our end-of-life services here. If you have any questions about this challenging time, please contact us. We’re here to listen to your concerns, love on your pet, and give you both the support you need.