Dog owners with their dogs at the dog park.

Dog parks offer pooches the perfect chance to enjoy the great outdoors and socialize with other pets. We’re fortunate to have plenty of dog parks in Austin to choose from, and for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment, it’s important to always practice proper dog park etiquette.

Our team at BEEVET Animal Hospital has put together some pointers to help you prepare for your next trip to the dog park. We want you and your dog to set stellar examples for the rest of the pack!

Dog Park Faux Paws

For the safety of the pets and their people, the rules of dog parks, including the unwritten rules of dog parks and the ones posted on the gate, should be followed at all times. Here are five major dog park mistakes that will draw snarls from the crowd. 

  1. Taking Unvaccinated Pets

For the protection of your dog and the others, make sure your dog is up-to-date on canine vaccinations and parasite preventives. Don’t bring a new puppy who isn’t yet fully immunized, and steer clear of the dog park if your pet has any concerning symptoms. 

  1. Not Doing Your Doo-Doo Diligence

Your dog will likely relieve herself while she’s enjoying the day, and leaving it in the grass to get stepped on or eaten by other dogs is one of the rudest things you can do at a dog park. It’s not only messy, but it can also lead to the spread of diseases and parasites that reside in puppy poop. 

  1. Not Intervening When You Should

When puppy personalities clash, it’s up to the people to safely diffuse the situation. Polite pooches and their humans know that dog mounting is a no-no, as is one dog running full speed at another dog, incessant sniffing (particularly in another pet’s private “business”), or any behavior that can be viewed as an act of aggression or dominance. When a dog seems uncomfortable in any way, it’s time to act so the situation doesn’t escalate.

  1. Ignoring Your Dog

One of the rudest things dog owners can do is keep their heads buried in their phones or spend their time socializing with other people while their dogs run amuck. TikTok and Instagram can wait. Keep your eyes on your pet.

  1. Bringing Food or Treats

It’s perfectly fine to reward your pup for a fun day at the park after you get back in the car, but having treats in your hands or pockets at the park could cause quite a commotion! And never nosh on human foods while you’re at the dog park.

We want you and your dog to enjoy your next experience at one of the dog parks in Austin. Our budget-friendly pet care packages can help you keep up with recommended canine vaccinations, plus, we’re always happy to address your dog’s behavioral needs or other concerns. Contact us today!