thankful for petsMost of us know that we should strive to feel grateful each day for the things that give meaning to our lives, but the daily grind can easily get in the way of our attempts at good cheer. As Thanksgiving approaches, we are given the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on what is truly important in life: family, friends, and our pets!

Being thankful for pets is a no-brainer. After all, they provide endless joy, devotion, humor, and richness to our lives. We’ve outlined the various reasons to be overflowing with gratefulness for your furry pal this holiday season, and all year long.

5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pets

There are countless reasons to be thankful for pets, but these are our top five:

  1. Pets are good for our health – Overall, pet owners have less obesity and lower blood pressure than non-pet owners. So the next time you dread taking Fido out for the daily walk, take a moment to thank him for the gift of health instead!
  2. Pet owners are less stressed – Numerous studies have shown that pets not only reduce our stress, they also help us to recover more quickly from stressful situations. Pets give us a reason to think about and care for another creature, which is an important purpose that helps to take our minds off of our own problems.
  3. They heal our hearts – Have you ever noticed that your pet seems to somehow know when you are sad, sick, or just out of sorts? It’s well-known that pets will often refuse to leave their owners’ sides during illness, injury, or trauma. An animal’s innate instincts, combined with the bond shared between pet and owner, is a powerful antidote for what ails our hearts and minds.
  4. They’re funny – Watching extra large cats stuff themselves into extra small boxes, or witnessing the delight of dogs playing with a brand new toy, can warm even the coldest heart. It makes sense to give thanks for the daily dose of humor and good cheer pets add to our lives.
  5. The love of a pet is unconditional – Your pet might be the only one in your life who is happy to see you every single time you walk through the door. If that’s not something to be grateful for, we don’t know what is!

AT BEEVET Animal Hospital, we couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful pets that walk through our doors each day. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your furry bundle of joy. We are always here for you.