A child holding their cat

There are more cats in American homes than any other pet. Perhaps owing to their quiet, relaxed natures, cats can be perfect companions to people that prefer a peaceful coexistence. In fact, most cat owners report that they would rather remain at home with their cats than going out to public events or social gatherings! 

Of course, there are plenty of self-described “cat people” who don’t live up to the stereotype of being quiet, reclusive, or introverted. But there is a lot to say about the connection between cats and people, and the numerous ways we benefit each other.

Beyond the Cute Factor

Cats are beautiful creatures, and when they’re young, their cuteness is absolutely irresistible. Their feline aesthetics are a driving force behind the millions of adoptions each year, but beyond looks, cats have remarkable skills.

Not Beholden

Indeed, cats have serious skills when it comes to hunting, ambushing, jumping…not to mention being totally, unapologetically awesome. One of their more notable characteristics is that they’ll really only do something, like come to you, if they thought of it first. Not to say that they aren’t interested in pleasing their owners, but cats and people don’t necessarily have the same give and take as other human-animal pairs.

Why, You Say?

Said another way, cats do whatever they want, whenever it suits them. They can take or leave pretty much anything (except for, say, chicken), and the result is that we go out of our way to please them. 

Perhaps another aspect between cats and people is that most cats can rely on their special inherited skills sets, if they need to. So, knowing that they could survive without us, but choose to stay at home, only endears us further to their every feline quality. 

Cats and People

Once ancient humans figured out agriculture, cats became incredibly useful – we offered protection, and they took care of invasive rodents in and around our crop storage areas. The result of cats and people evolving together over thousands of years is that now, pet cats enjoy a delicious, timely meal plan every day, loads of creature comforts, affection, and warmth. 

Endlessly Giving

In exchange, cats give us so much unconditional love, companionship, comfort and reassurance. They can give us quiet support when we are ill, injured, depressed, or lost, and it is their love that supports our cardiovascular and mental health. 

Knowing What We Know

In this day and age, a little extra close companionship can go a long way. Cats and people have the potential to support and heal each other, and this mutually beneficial dynamic can get us through to the future. 

If you have further questions about your cat’s health and happiness, please let us know. We’re always here for you at BEEVET Animal Hospital.