Dogs, Dogs Everywhere: Summer in Zilker Park (Are There Rules About Dogs?)

rules about dogsArguably, the best feature of our fair city is the beautiful, green jewel tucked between the Colorado River and Barton Creek. Zilker Metropolitan Park is the place to enjoy the skyline, gather with friends, and take advantage of nature’s splendor. While most pets who accompany their outdoorsy owners are well-behaved, their presence in this shared, public space begs the questions: what are the rules about dogs, and how can you plan a successful trip with your fur friend?


The Jet-Setting Pet: Air Travel With a Pet  

For many families, the thought of leaving Fido behind during a family vacation is unthinkable. Pets are such important members of our families that they go wherever we go; this includes vacations and other travel destinations. When it comes to flying, however, there are specific concerns that complicate the usual journey.

To address some of your questions about air travel with a pet, the team at BEEVET has some recommendations and tips to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your fur friend.