Slurp Up Summer with Our Summer Pet Treats Recipes!

summer pet treatsThe heat and humidity of summer can do a number on our pets, putting them at risk for dehydration, heat stroke, and other heat-related problems. Chilled or frozen treats are a fun surprise for any dog or cat, and they can also help counteract the effects of a hot day.

Check out our ideas for tasty and healthy summer pet treats!

The Makings of a Good Summer Pet Treat

It’s important to make sure that anything you feed your pet is healthy and safe for him or her. Avoid using any foods that are toxic to pets, such as chocolate, raisins, grapes, coffee, alcohol, and anything sweetened with Xylitol.

With pet obesity on the rise, adding extra calories to your pet’s diet can be an issue. Our summer pet treat ideas are healthy, but care should be taken not to increase your pet’s daily caloric intake too much. Treats of any kind should also never replace your pet’s regular food.