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The Simple Dental

We are also proud to announce our newest offering:

The BEEVET Simple Dental

What is the Simple Dental? 

The Simple Dental is a dental cleaning, that includes the cleaning, scaling and polishing of your canine's teeth. The Simple Dental is above the gum-line care and does not require x-rays. We recommend the Simple Dental in order to help maintain regular dental care.

Who qualifies?

The Simple Dental is for dogs under 5 years of age, with Grade 1 & 2 dental condition. Eligibility for our newest dental offering is based on doctor approval.

What are the dental condition grades?

Your pet has Grade I Dental Disease

This is the accumulation of tartar without gingival redness and, therefore, no periodontal disease. Your pet needs a dental cleaning to remove the tartar accumulation and help prevent periodontal disease.



Your pet has Grade II Dental Disease

This is tartar with gingival redness (periodontal disease). This is reported to be present in 85% of all animals in the United States over 6 years of age. Your pet needs a dental cleaning, antibiotics following the procedure, and home healthcare products to prevent recurrence. With Grade II, extractions may be necessary.  A dental cleaning is recommended each year for your pet's lifetime.


Your pet has Grade III Dental Disease

This is tartar with gingival hyperemia, receding gums, and root exposure. A dental cleaning is needed, with antibiotics following the procedure, and oral surgery for extractions. A dental cleaning is highly recommended each year for your pet's lifetime.



Your pet has Grade IV Dental Disease

Severe tartar, periodontal disease, and oral pain are present, tooth loss is expected.



Call today to schedule a FREE 15-minute dental consult to find out if you qualify and create the best plan for your pet's dental health.

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Heartworm Test Special Day (No Exam Required)

$10 Every Saturday

Enter to win a free year's supply of Sentinel each month!

What is Heartworm disease and how can it affect my pet?

Heartworms are parasites transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause severe and sometimes fatal damage to the heart and lungs. These worms can grow to be more than a foot long and live inside the heart and lungs of an infected pet, impeding blood flow.

Luckily, heartworm disease can be easily prevented by a monthly preventative. Even if you are on heartworm prevention, veterinarians still recommend yearly heartworm tests to ensure that your pet has not been infected due to product error, missed doses, or long-term lapses in prevention. Heartworm disease affects both dogs and cats, and outdoor pets are especially vulnerable. Texas mosquito populations are active year-round!

For more information about Heartworm disease and how it can affect your pet, please visit the American Heartworm Society at

Puppy Training Classes

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