Things That Go BOOM: 4th Of July Pet Safety

Fourth of July family picnic.For many Americans, summer wouldn’t be complete without 4th of July festivities. Picnics, barbecues, getting together with family and friends, and of course the ubiquitous fireworks displays are all beloved ways of celebrating this uniquely American holiday.

Whether you are staying home to enjoy the festivities with your loved ones, or headed out to view a public fireworks display, keeping your pets safe and comfortable should be high on your list of priorities. Check out our 4th of July pet safety tips to keep your furry friends healthy and stress-free this summer.


Beyond Bad Pet Breath: Why Dental Care Matters

Kitten Brushing Her Teeth with Yellow ToothbrushYou’ve just plopped down on the couch at day’s end, set to snuggle up with your fur friend, when – phew! What is that smell? Oh no… the bad breath is coming from the slobberingly happy dog or cat before you.

Bad pet breath is not so unusual, and yet it can signal the onset of dental disease.

Unfortunately, many pet owners assume bad breath (halitosis) is simply par for the course with pets. This assumption, however, can mean serious health problems and pain for a pet with untreated dental conditions.