The Heart Of The Matter: The Importance Of Heartworm Prevention

BevHills_iStock_000076750625_LargeBy now, most of us are aware of the potential for disease that can occur from a mosquito bite. Mosquitos can transmit a host of dangerous infections to humans, and most of us do what we can to prevent ourselves from being bitten and heartworm prevention.

Even our pets are not immune to the dangers of mosquito-borne disease, but unlike us, they can’t stop themselves from being bitten. Because dangerous illnesses such as heartworm disease are transmitted via mosquito and affects dogs and cats in all 50 states, we pet owners need to take matters into our own hands when it comes to protecting our pets.

What Is Heartworm Disease?

This extremely serious, and sometimes fatal, mosquito borne illness is as scary as it sounds. Once an infected mosquito has bitten a pet, tiny worms called microfilariae, enter the bloodstream. Over a period of months to years, the worms invade the heart, lungs, and related blood vessels of an infected animal, and can grow up to a foot in length. Continue…

The Good Fight: Preventing And Treating Obesity Through Proper Nutrition

BEEVET_iStock_000019713022_MediumAccording to a recent survey conducted by the Association For Pet Obesity Prevention found that 53% U.S. dogs and 58% of cats are overweight or obese.

Much like humans, pets require daily exercise and the right amount of high quality, nutritious food to maintain an optimal state of health.

Fortunately, we as pet parents can have a direct impact on the health, well-being, and longevity of our pets through proper nutrition and weight management strategies.

The Risks Of Obesity

Obesity may be one of the biggest threats faced by our nation’s pets. A pet only needs to be as little as 15% overweight to suffer negative impacts on his or her health. Overweight pets are at risk for many of the same ailments as overweight humans, such as: Continue…