Risky Business: Rattlesnakes and Pets

BEEVET_iStock_000055011114_LargeMost Texans are pretty used to being around snakes. While many of our native species here in the south are harmless, there are a few that we need to be on the lookout, for.

Texan rattlesnakes are nothing to mess with, especially when it comes to our pets. BeeVet Animal Hospital wants our clients to be sure to know all about the risks of rattlesnakes and what they need to do should their animal encounter one. Rattlesnakes and pets are not a good mix, and being prepared is half the battle.

Rattlesnake Risks

When a rattlesnake bites, it can have deadly consequences. If the snake injects its venom into the tissues of its victim during a strike, a chemical reaction can begin to occur. The venom causes disruption of the blood vessels in the area leading to severe swelling, blood loss, and shock. Continue…

Preventive Pet Care: Supporting a Longer, Healthier Life

Closeup of cat face. Fauna backgroundMany of us procrastinate when it comes to scheduling our annual health exam, even though we all know the importance of preventive care. Like us, our pets also benefit from those annual (or biannual) wellness visits.

Wellness care is the foundation for a better, healthier life, and can even add a few extra years spent with your best fur friend.

The Importance of Preventive Pet Care

Pets are adept at masking signs of pain and illness. Even simple aging can impact your pet’s quality of life, and important signs go undetected when certain screenings and diagnostics are neglected. Cats are particularly skilled at hiding symptoms, which is why BeeVet Animal Hospital encourages twice yearly exams for felines (especially for those over the age of 6).

A wellness exam evaluates your whole pet from head to tail and establishes a baseline for your pet’s health. The focus on prevention is key. Your veterinarian will use a variety of diagnostic tools, such as a blood chemistry panel or urinalysis, to screen for a myriad of issues that would otherwise go undetected. Continue…